Conor Hamilton-Long “Craving That Affention” Review

Today, we talk about Conor Hamilton-Long! this 24-year old singer songwriter has brought on his unique blend of Pop/R&B. Inspired by artists such as Sam Fender and Nothing But Thieves, Hamilton-Long aims to take listeners on a journey of emotion and his latest voyage takes us through his track “Craving That Affection”. Let’s dive in…

‘Craving That Affection’ is the second release from this Dublin based artist who began his career in the winter of 2018, ‘Craving That Affection’, is a subdued affair. The track tells the story of a character who is susceptible to misguidance, examining how the influence of love can alter previous faults.

“When I wrote this song, I was very much ruminating on
how far I’ve come personally in the last few years”

These are the thoughts Conor had in exploring the origins of the track. It is to be said that Conor’s vocals are a highlight of this song. The tenacity he brings to this track is complimented with the varied use of drum machines and pads which bring on vibes of 2000s pop. “Give me some love” a lyric that is a standout of this song really drives home the message of the song which is a need and a lust for someone. This song succeeds in blending an era of pop/R&B of a time with a modern twist.

With more music in the pipeline for 2021, ‘Craving That Affection” is the perfect track with which to kickstart Conor Hamilton-Long’s year and we’re eager to see what this newcomer to the scene will do!

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