Charmaine returns with high-octane EP ‘Hood Avant-Garde’

Stepping up her game and gearing up for a stellar career, Charmaine is now releasing a full-fledged EP, a collection of past singles and new bangers called ‘Hood Avant-Garde’. Featuring her signature trap/rap style, blended with a three-dimensional electro-flavoured production, the record showcases the Canadian artist’s style even further, hooking the listener to her groovy, flowy and hectic songwriting style. 

Based in Canada, Charmaine experienced tough times as a kid, when her family emigrated to North America from Zimbabwe. Eventually, she will form an ardent work ethic and the need to express herself through music. Fast forward to 2020, and her debut number ‘Bold’ has amassed more than 1 million streams on Spotify alone, the clearer silver lining to hard upbringings. 

‘Hood Avant-Garde’ features past singles and new gems, with ‘I Don’t Care’ being the lead single. Constantly keeping a high-energy rhythm, the record flows perfectly well, continuously giving the listener something to hold on to. 

We are on board! Looking forward to hearing more. In the meantime, discover Charmaine on Spotify: