CARLA STARK brings us sassy tune “SHORT SKIRT. NO BRA.”

Singer Carla Starks is back with a new single from her EP ‘C.’ released on March 12th. ‘Short Skirt. No Bra’ is a bubbly and powerful tune, where Carla raises her voice against judging women based on what they choose to wear.

This song has an uplifting and light mood, despite the hot topic it deals with, and has lyrics both in English and French, a sign of Stark’s international origins and upbringing. She is in fact Algerian-born, but now lives between Bombay, London and Belgium.

Carla told us that when writing “C.” she felt the need to write in her mother tongue, French, for the first time. “I had a very difficult year in 2019 and all the songs poured out of me” she says.

This project is the first one in which she completely recognises herself, in which there aren’t any other influences. “C.” deals with accepting pain and how to cope with it, as well as accepting hard feelings in order to move forward. “‘Short skirt. No bra.’ specifically felt important because I can’t believe that in 2021 we can still be talking about what women should or should not wear’.

Listen to ‘Short Skirt. No bra.’