Brian Howell: Exceeding ‘Great Expectations’

The works of Brian Howell and his acoustic project have led him to Great Expectations. Exceeding those expectations in his latest release the relaxing melancholy indie acoustic track, largely inspired by artists like Ben Howard shows a warm production. The lyricism influenced by the poetic nature of artists like John Mark McMillan and James Bay. Brian Howell creates an expansive atmosphere that lets the reverb of all the elements of instrumentation fade in and out with calming ease.

A vibrant song, delicate guitar compliments the clean bass tone. Similar to that of the thud of the kick drum compared to the tight snap of each snare hit. Helping to carry the song along at just the perfect tempo to keep it upbeat despite its more concerned and cleverley narrated lyrical content.

A humble and neatly arranged project, Great Expectations takes an influence from that late noughties to early teens band backed, solo acoustic style that dominated the UK charts.