Andreww seals the deal with EP-leading single ‘Crossroads’

We have been following Andreww for quite some time now. We picked him up on his second release, the hybrid gem ‘Medusa’, followed him on the more mellow ‘Shadow Love’, and now I guess we are on the train; at least it’s going in the right direction: Andreww’s latest offering, ‘Crossroads’ is the proper continuation of a mission started last year, with debut single ‘Talking To Myself’; blending hip-hop sounds with a grunge aesthetic and an emo outlook, keeping it extremely contemporary and relevant. Hats off! 

Besides being musically gifted, Andreww featured in the fashion industry for years, walking for giants like Louis Vitton, Dior, Versace and Valentino. Upon his recent return to sound-based bays, the young talent gained industry attention pretty quickly, showcasing himself as one of the hottest upcoming acts.

‘Crossroad’ features as the lead single into a 4-track EP package, collecting all previous releases. Songwriting-wise, the song moves on to pop-punk idioms and lines, while still maintaining that 808-inspired beat goodness. The result is a catchy banger that we are confident will end up in many listeners’ playlists, ready for that repeat action. 

We love it! Discover ‘Crossroads’ on Spotify: