Americana Artist John Murry Releases Poetic ‚Ones + Zeroes‘

John Murry is a man with many talents. Mostly known as an incredibly poetic musician. His new single ‚Ones + Zeroes‘ is no different. Accompanied by an enigmatic music video directed by Sarah Share, it tackles a somber inner life. The overall mood is rather dark and melancholic, as is its meaning. He sings: ‘I stare at the ceiling while they fall asleep, I wish I was dead, you wish it weren’t me… lying still: learn to love or don’t.’

Interestingly enough, the track was written very quickly. Only to be picked up again at a later time to be brought to completion. The reason for wanting to shelve it permanently, was the tragic death of his co-writer Tim Mooney.
One day, on a whim he decided to take it to a session with legendary producer John Parish where he finally finished it.

Their collaboration truly is a match made in heaven. On top of that, Nadine Khouri features with beautiful BV‘s on it. The single ‚Ones + Zeroes‘ is an accomplished and brutally honest track. It will be included on John‘s upcoming album ‚The Stars Are God‘s Bullet Holes‘.