ADDIE HAMILTON defines Beauty and it’s called ‘Tangerine”

It’s January 2021 and Addie Hamilton, LA-based chanteuse releases ‘Tangerine’. After an intense day at work, last night, I allowed myself to lay back , close my eyes and listen to this cherry-pie cutie piece, available on all digital platforms (and, of course, vinyl too!) through Los Angeles Records. 

‘Tangerine’ is the Alice in Wonderland in a pin-up dress. A journey through a fantasy world made of champagne drops becoming pearls (excuse my imagination…). Hamilton’s voice is velvet and the Elvis-style guitar arpeggio is an escalation of beauty, twisting into a march (a card march perhaps?). 

“I wanted abstract lyrics so that the listener could connect their own meaning to them. For me, Tangerine is a reminder to focus on the beauty in life. To believe that miracles can happen. To keep faith when the world around you says otherwise. As if you are living in a black and white film and you are the only one who sees the red, blue, tangerine.”

Hamilton’s music has been heard in various tv shows, Riverdale and The Good Place, to name a few.

First of a series of upcoming single releases scheduled for 2021, that will merge in a full album, in both digital and vinyl formats. Waiting to be caught by surprise, by another Hamilton’s tune, featured on my next favourite tv-show, I decided to stay on the couch a little longer and enjoy the fairytale.