We love seeing a well-made press release and a resourceful EPK! It makes our job easy and, more importantly, it helps you (the artists) get your outlook across. As a music blog, we get sent dozens of press assets every day, and some of them just don’t cut it: often they don’t provide essential information, or forget some, sometimes the layout is terrible, other times the writing is missing the point, not giving us what would be helpful in drafting an article. 

So, we thought, why not compile a sort of ‘guide’, a reference, for whoever might feel unsure on the matter? Of course, we do recognize that one-size does not fit all, and different people have different opinions on the matter: but we can all agree on a few basic points. 

The text below will not include any reference to custom graphics around the document, you can have them, just make sure they don’t hinder the reading of the text and the accessibility of information.

Why is a press release important? 

  • It allows the artist to control its own story, to ‘spin’ the narrative as they wish. For instance by highlighting certain facts about the artist’s history, or particular characteristics of its work. Things like creating a brand new genre for your music, or enhancing a particular aesthetic, can do wonders for your branding.
  • It gives journalists and writers everything they need, in a clear and concise way, allowing them to find information easily and ensure what they write is as accurate as possible (thus benefitting the artist).

What should it contain? 

  • History of the track/EP/Album: what’s the theme of the song, where does the inspiration come from, how the recording process went, any collaboration? Anything else that could be useful to understand the track and the artistic concept behind it.
  • It’s always good to include a personal quote about the track that can then be included in the final article; It’s also an elegant way to reiterate a theme or a story. 
  • A short Biography: 100-150 words describing who the artist is, where it comes from, anything interesting that could be used in the final article. This is actually an essential section of the EPK; it allows the journalist/writer to get a quick overview of who the artist is, and in turn communicating a clear and precise article to the reader. 
  • Links to Press Shots, Artwork and any other visual assets
  • Link to a preview of the track/EP/Album, and any accompanying music video
  • Social Media links

Where (formatting)? 

  • Formatting is essential for a successful EPK. It’s the key to a clear and functional press release. I recommend the following:
  • 2 pages max! Better if in a shared online document, that way if any tweaks are needed along the way, recipients will always have an updated version (for instance a Google Doc)
  • Use paragraphs, no more than 150 words each. 
  • Make sure you clearly state the release date! 
  • Divide the information in a logical manner (for instance, open with info about the track, then add a personal quote, then finish with a short bio)
  • Highlight key information in the text in Bold, also using a second colour works well. 
  • Believe it or not, when information is easily detectable, the writer will have a clearer understanding of the subject and, more importantly, will be more comfortable writing the article, resulting in a much more engaging and well-written piece. And that’s exactly what you want from a review of your project! 
  • Don’t forget to include one or two images in the text, to give instant visual feedback when reading the text (yes, you still have to include a link to downloadable press shots). 
  • Make sure the document has all of the info on it, that way the link becomes a complete EPK! 


  • I recommend doing it for every release, keeping everything under the same link. 

One Sheet / Graphically Advances EPK: it’s often down to taste, but I (the author) find documents with rich graphics and bold colours quite hard to read. The production value is high, but at the expense of the text and the information the document should provide. 

Did all that sound intimidating? Let us take care of it! Contact us on our socials or at hello@weareymx.com, and we’ll be happy to help, both white-paged and custom graphics.