You have your project finished and ready to go. Lush tracks, lush production, you can’t wait to share them with the world. And that itself is easy, there are countless distribution services right at your fingertip, but how can you make people find you and your music?

In this article, we’re going to give you five tips to create a successful marketing strategy as an independent artist. Social media and promotional platforms are super easy to access, and you can take advantage of them to develop an online presence and a fanbase to keep on moving forward with your career!

1 – Build and maintain your social media presence

Social media are far from disappearing from our reality and they’re one of the most powerful resources you can have! They allow you to share all sorts of content: from photos to videos, to live streams to reels, your artistry can reach virtually every smartphone on the planet. This can also be a double-edged blade though, because platforms seem oversaturated with musical content. The trick is to find your niche! Define your space within your genre and own it. No-one can make music as you do, because we’re all different! 

Differentiate your content among platforms: Facebook works well to promote events and tour dates; Instagram is great for live performances, on-the-go Stories and fantastic press shots; YouTube is the place for your music videos and BTS; TikTok is all the rage now and can be the place where you express yourself freely, with more and less elaborate videos and most importantly interact with other artists via duets and stitches!

Post consistently and engage with the people who follow you and react to your content. Remember that behind every screen there’s always a human being, the same you could see at one of your live shows! 

If the vast offer of social media intimidates you, we can give you a hand with our social media management/consulting tool. We can offer a personalised strategy to rock all your social channels and get the most out of them. Get in touch now!

2 – Invest in high-quality visual content 

The eye also wants its part, especially in these times where we’re constantly bombarded with visual content! A smart move is investing in great photos and videos that can be the fuel for your social media posts and press coverage. Moreover, music videos have a key role in delivering a strong, visual message connected to your song. First of all, define your imagery and your style: try pinning outfits, places and an imagery on Pinterest that go well with your music and your perception of yourself as an artist. 

Then do your research and reach out to professionals photographers and videographer that will help you give a shape to all of these ideas and create unique amazing content that will have your viewers being blown away!

3 – Create an awesome EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

This is going to be your business card for everyone interested in you and your music, from music journalists to booking agencies to fans. Your EPK should tick various points to give a whole and intriguing overview of your musical project. The key features are: short and sweet bio with the most important steps in your career, 3 to 4 great press shots that convey your aesthetic and are going to make whoever sees them want to know more. Third, include links to your music and to all your social media profiles. Last but not least highlight any imperative/timely info, such as a release date or a section where you talk about your latest musical effort. Read our guide to create a banging EPK here!

4 – Pitch your music!

You are about to release or released a fantastic single, EP or album and now you want people to know about it. Let’s talk pitching. It simply means submitting your music to outlets (blogs, radios, playlist curators…) that are going to talk about it or play it. You don’t need a publicist for that, just some research. If you’ve completed your EPK from Tip #2, you’re all set up. First and foremost reach out to curators that cover your genre: don’t try submitting metal music to a folk curator, most likely it won’t succeed.

MusoSoup is a great place to start: for a £20 one-off payment it will submit your music for you to all relevant outlets! What’s even best is that we have a 50% off referral code that you can use via this link: https://app.musosoup.com/submit/ymx

SubmitHub is another great service: it allows you to filter curators by genre and choose several outlets. Some of them will require you to buy Premium credits, but many of them are free to submit to! The Cerebro of (almost) all music sites is Hype Machine, so if you need inspiration in your research, this is the place to go! These are just some examples, but with some googling you can find a lot more. Bear in mind that many curators (Spotify included) prefer unreleased and soon to be released music, so start thinking in advance about this phase of promotion!

5 – VIP club anyone?

Make the people who chose you feel special. There is a virtually endless music choice out there, so giving back to your fans and listeners is a great way to build a relationship with them.A first step can be creating a mailing list connected to your website domain. Don’t underestimate the power of e-mail marketing: make it a way to have access to exclusive content, such as sneak peeks, early bird tickets, limited editions and behind the scenes. 

There are also other options that have emerged in the last year: you could create a Discord server or a Clubhouse room, in order to chat directly with your fans. You can also create a Patreon, where your supporters can interact with you and access unique content in exchange for a small fee. This also represents a circular way of financing your music and your art! 

All of these tips are intentionally “contact free” as Covid has made it more difficult to play live shows and meet in person, although better times seem to be at the door! You can promote yourself and your art without spending crazy amount and being in total control of what’s happening. An extra tips is this video we recommend watching:  A 20 day plan to Promote your single in 2020!

Good luck and keep rocking!

Did all that sound intimidating? Let us take care of it! Contact us on our socials or at hello@weareymx.com, and we’ll be happy to help, taking your artist career to the next level.