Who can enter the contest?

Any artist currently dealing with self isolation and not able perform live due to COVID-19.

What type of video are you looking for ?

The video needs to be a music video for an original song or a cover. There are not limitations, so have fun with it! Any video is allowed. The video should be original and it can be post-produced. Animations, transitions or video effects can be added. The video can be shot for the contest or it can be a previous music video of yours. Originality will be rewarded : any artist can participate, there is no need to be a professional video maker.

What kind of audio do you need?

The audio would have to be an original song or a cover o a remix. The audio can be previously recorded, it doesn’t have to be performed live.

The jury will not take into consideration the song arrangement, but only the originality of the video.

I have more than one song, should I choose just one?

No, this is a video contest.

The same artist can enter the contest with more than one song.

There is no limit to submissions, as long as you specify how many videos you’re submitting.

How do I enter the contest?

Go to weareymx.com and submit your application. If you have any issues contact ymxradio@gmail.com.

When does the contest end?

You can submit your video until May 30th. Contest closes July 15th and winners will be announced July 25th. 


Once artists submit their video, the jury will simply evaluate if it respects all the rules and it is eligible to participate. All artists submitting their video will have exclusive access to the private YMX Facebook Group.


Once established the video is eligible, the jury will evaluate it and decide whether it can officially enter the contest.


The artist and their video can finally enter the contest. Entering the contest is completely FREE.


All artists entering the contest must previously have created their free account on The Hat. The videos will be published on ART OPEN TV to be watched and receive donations from their fans and other viewers. Artists can cash out their donations directly from The Hat app.


The 10 videos that will receive more donations from users plus the 5 best videos according to the jury will be finally evaluated.

The final evaluation will be done by an artistic jury composed by 5 international experts chosen by the organization. This jury will choose the BEST 3 VIDEOS.


1st Place : £300 + 2 slots to play live in London and 1 in Amsterdam

2nd Place : £200 + 2 slots to play live in London

3rd Place : £100 + 1 slot to play live in London