How to create your fan base with live shows

Nowadays, I think “fanbase” word has been used a lot, often out of turn.
Let’s start from the meaning of the word: what is a fan base?
A fanbase is that sequel that an artist manages to involve with his music. They are those people who are willing to stream on Spotify or to download from iTunes, but above all, they are those people who are willing to leave the house and buy a ticket to see you live in concert.
Your relatives or your friends are certainly not part of the fan base, they are the only ones who love you and who would do anything to make you happy.

Having understood what a fan base is, we are looking for the best way to create it.

The first thing to do is undoubtedly make good music. Try to make professional productions, get help from professionals, involve as many people as possible – because this can be useful to reach more people by joining the fanbase of other professionals. If your producers are someone who produced hits, this will help you to have credibility around your project. The same thing applies to those who will mix or master your song.
After your song has been published, it’s time to do the promotion.
In this phase various paths can be taken: I will only tell you about the one that I believe is truest and most valid for creating a long-lasting fan base: the lives show, playing live, playing concerts or better “performing”.

Logically, I am talking about artists who know how to play live. If you are not part of this category, then you can also stop your reading here and move on to another, thanks!

Let’s go ahead.

Performing in front of as many people as possible, is a unique way of promoting: first, because you really see what you are worth and then, because you can get immediate feedback on your music.
Find the right place to perform for you, which are akin to your music, where the audience could like your genre, and please, don’t get carried away by the name of the venue, if you don’t have a fanbase yet, every venue you know for now will be empty during your performance, because you don’t have an audience.
Then look for those places where the audience is already there but it is not yours, alongside with a better known artist who has a fan base to share with you. Look at those venues where usually there is no music but if instead you played there you would find a great appreciation: markets, squares, private parties. In short: you must have ideas because nobody will do it in your place!

By playing in front of new people you can really create your fan base one by one, always expose your contacts, make a nice visible sign with the links to your social networks so that they can immediately put a like. The most faithful audience is the one who is conquered with the heart, with the emotions. In the wake of an emotion, people can have memories for life, on one of your songs maybe they kissed for the first time, celebrated their birthday and this will make them your fans. All this can only happen if you find yourself playing in particular places, in front of people who have not forced them to come there.

For us, the artist is valid when there are people who are willing to pay a ticket to see him, but because you have been good before, because you have made your people listen to your music as much as possible, because they have chosen to follow you.

This is like a mathematical equation: a good artist will always have his space, it will come natural and only a matter of time – of course if you are at home waiting for me to call you to make you play and also give you a super cachet, well then maybe not, nothing will ever happen!
But if you believe in your music and the initial feedback is positive, then you can live as an ARTIST.

Now you only have to think about this, create your fans, don’t think of earning immediately by making music. For now, the only one who believes in you is yourself, the first to invest in your project must be you, so do everything you think it is necessary to make your music known.
Do not take a cachet at the beginning and bear in mind: it’s normal to pay for some spaces and the important thing is to work with the right people who can make you grow and who do not exploit you.
Being an artist is a privilege for a few kids, so try to understand as soon as possible if this is your way, and doing concerts is the quickest way. If – when you get off the stage – the only ones to compliment you are yours mother and your father, your sister, your girlfriend or boyfriend, the one you owe a beer to, then maybe this is not good and your music is not so loud.
You have to understand it immediately, to avoid disappointments and waste of energy and money.
This is just my idea, then there will be a thousand other ways to be an artist. But the most authentic and most heartfelt is when one is playing playing and again, playing in front of 1 or 1000 people.
If this causes you emotions, then those who listen to you will receive them and it will be one of the most beautiful things you have ever tried.