How the lockdown has changed “artists” jobs and how it created “non artists”

These quarantine days have forced us all to change habits and look for new ways of doing more normal things, even for those who make music or for those who tried to do it.

Who made music before the lockdown
We suddenly found ourselves with a lot of time available, fully dedicated to our passion: MUSIC. We finally have time to write new songs, to contact those producers who we had never had the courage to contact, we can spend time looking for the most suitable sounds for our song, or work on the concept of our project.

Those who make music have had time to analyze their artistic project and understand the weak and strengths points, and will certainly have benefited from it.

Simply because, forced solitude has given voice to the true artist you are inside and made you understand much more than what you are doing and why you are doing it.

You will have increased your fan base because they have felt closer to you and because they have understood your music better. This will be useful when everything ends, because what you have created in this time, is something important.

Your releases will make more streams, your social profiles will be more full of interactions.

Well done, you have done a good job that will soon bear fruit.

Who did NOT make music before the lockdown
He found himself locked in the house alone without anyone giving him advices – if not his own head – and he started writing songs strumming the guitar or the piano or maybe he discovered the beats creators..”wow I’m I paying this dude and he gives me a nice and ready instr to sing on? Fantastic!”

But above there are the people who discovered the live streaming from home. Yes ok, they are alone in their room, without having to ask permission to some promoter or an artistic director, without paying, without having to sell concert tickets to friends.

All you need is a mobile phone, a basic acoustic instrument or any speaker and…off you go! “Everyone will be forced to listen to me, I will make millions of views”. But the reality is that, as you connect to one of these streams, you realize that you are the only one watching. The guy who sings stops and greets you to keep you watching and you just skip and run away.

I believe everyone of us is free to do what they want and to freely express their own personalities, but, in times like these, I realize how important some roles are in the music world. Without some artist directors maybe we won’t listen to such beautiful music. Without the good promoters maybe the clubs would be full of artists who can’t play or sing for real.

Everyone can do everything, but between making hobby music or making a job out of their passion, we must be aware of this:

today, publishing a release is simple, everyone can do it, but making that song sounds good, have a professional arrangement, and make it sounds good in all the devices that you listen to, it’s a job of a team of professionals and this then becomes a work for us and for those who work with us.

If you make your music yourself, record it yourself, arrange it yourself, mix it yourself, master yourself, make a video yourself, promote yourself, then believe me: this is not a job for you and not even for the music world, you are only making money by those who exploit your dreams and make you believe that you can do everything alone.

Believe in dreams and believe in your abilities, but always compare yourself with professionals to understand if music can really be a job for you or if it must remain the first and the most beautiful of your hobbies.