The powerful sound of rising star CORANIMA and their new single “VIVAMUS”

It’s not an easy task for new bands to be easily recognised thanks to a specific sound. Find your identity is probably the hardest task for musicians and for some it takes even years of experience and experiments. The fact that CORANIMA formed only three months ago and already have a powerful and unique sound is the clear sign that we discovered a band with incredible potential and everything it takes to stick around for a long time in the scene and in the hearts of many. After receiving airplay from many radio stations, more than 60 features on different Spotify Playlists and a constantly growing fanbase, the trio released a brand new song called “VIVAMUS”, an empowering nu-metal track twisted with modern elements and characteristic sounds of those legendary bands such as Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin that made us fall in love in the first place with this energetic genre. Hard workers, talented and with the perfect mindset to become a big act in the future. Absolutely fantastic.

YMX: Hey CORANIMA, thanks for sitting down with us. What would you say to all our readers new to your project? 

CORANIMA: Thank you for taking the time to check us out and get to know us a little bit better.

YMX: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue at an artistic level? 

CORANIMA: When I was 15, The first time I saw an Alice In Chains music video

YMX: You recently released ‘VIVAMUS’. Can you tell us how that project came about? 

CORANIMA: We wanted to write something that was a reflection of ourselves, our struggles and our persistence in overcoming those struggles, in particular addiction. While we have lost loved ones along the way, we continue to fight and achieve our goals to keep our promises we made.

YMX: What is the one thing you would like people to feel while listening to ‘VIVAMUS’? 

CORANIMA: The song has a sad background but overall we want to inspire Hope

YMX: How did the recent pandemic influence your creative process? is remote collaboration easy for you? 

CORANIMA: Yes, So far we have entirely been writing and recording remotely. We have used Skype, Youtube and home recording studio equipment and software to continue writing. New members of the band have auditioned through Youtube videos.

YMX: Do you feel more confident writing music alone, or within a team? 

CORANIMA: At first alone, But the final touches need to be done as a team.

YMX: Can you name the last gig you played? Would you consider doing a livestream concert? 

CORANIMA: Charactors in Pomona California.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future? (releases, gigs etc.) 

CORANIMA: We have two new singles that are coming in May, “Somnium” and “Mortem” we are also planning a Music Video that will be released in June.