Born and raised in New York City, dance-pop singer-songwriter Nicolas McCoppin crafts addictive pop music told effortlessly through a queer-centric lens. His latest project entitled ‘Loverboy’ is an eight-track album which explores the narrative of falling in love for the first time as-well-as being an open love letter to the city of love, New York. Already racking up a whopping number of Spotify streams and a number of impressive features across the media, ‘Loverboy’ is a total triumph that will have you singing and dancing along start to finish. Full of glorious ups and down and an über modern production, ‘Loverboy’ is a must listen for anyone that likes high quality glossy pop! Check out our conversation with Nicolas below!

YMX: Can you tell us about yourself as an artist? Where are you now, how you started, and what are your goals. 

Nicolas: I’m a pop artist born and raised/currently based in New York. I’ve been singing since I could speak haha! I started working with a vocal coach when I was 11 or 12. I didn’t start writing seriously until high school. Once I discovered songwriting, it unlocked a whole new world for me. I started reaching out to producers and co-writers in 2018 and that’s when it really all began!

YMX: Some of our readers might not be familiar with you yet, how would you describe your sound?  

Nicolas: I’m definitely as pop as they come haha! I grew up completely studying pop music so it’s what I’ve always gravitated towards. The specific genre would be “Dance-pop” for sure!

YMX: Who have been your biggest influences so far?  

Nicolas: I grew up on the female powerhouse vocalists of the industry like Ariana, Xtina and Mariah. I’ve always taken vocal inspiration from them. Sonically, some of my other inspirations would be Carly Rae Jepsen and Troye Sivan. They both have some of my favorite pop catalogues.

YMX: You recently released ‘Loverboy’. Can you tell us how that project came about?  

Nicolas: ‘Loverboy’ is my debut EP that just released. The record is a non-stop dance party. I’ve been working on it for over two years now. It’s the most special thing I think I’ve ever worked on. I fell in love for the first time a little bit ago. Everything I was feeling was very new. I didn’t really know how to deal with all of the emotions, so that’s when I started writing everything down. Front-to-back the record tells a story. It was really important for me to tell the love story authentically. Growing up, I really didn’t have a gay love story to look up to. So being able to write and tell the stories the way I did was probably the most important thing for me.

YMX: 2020 has been a hard year for everybody, but the music industry and arts in general took a heavy hit. How did you guys cope with that, musically speaking? 

Nicolas: The music industry has taken such a devastating hit this year. New York has some of the most alive music scenes in the world and to watch it shut down and struggle has been so sad. I’ve watched so many small independent venues close their doors for good in the last few months. These same venues are how a lot of working musicians in New York can make a living. Although if there is a positive to any of this, it has to be the creativity that I’ve seen through quarantine. Since everything shifted online, artists have been forced to get creative at home to keep people engaged. It’s been super cool to see all the at home performances and music videos that have come out!

YMX: Do you consider important working together in a team, or do you prefer working alone? 

Nicolas: I could not have done any of this without the team of insanely talented people that I work with. I executively produced the record with Nick Trapani. He’s someone who I clicked with from the start. The first song we did together was “Remember That Night”. He saw the vision that I had for the project and he helped me bring it to life. I co-wrote some of the songs with some incredibly talented writers. It’s really cool because a lot of my collaborators are also my friends! I have the most creative friends who are just as passionate about my music as me. I’m so so grateful for it.

YMX: What are you looking for, in terms of promotion? What do you think could be helpful to promote your music around?

Nicolas: I think the biggest thing right now for up and coming artists is playlisting and editorial playlising. I’ve seen artists careers begin just by getting in some of the top Spotify/Apple Music playlists. I think for myself and other new artists, playlisting is vital.

YMX: What does playing live represent for you? a way to make yourself known or a way to express yourself? 

Nicolas: Performing live is everything to me. It represents both of those for me. Before anything else, I grew up performing on stage. It’s where I feel the most comfortable and myself. I wish so badly right now that I could be performing this new record on stage with an audience. I hope that can be a reality in the near future because I miss it so much!

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future? (releases, gigs etc.) 

Nicolas: I plan on keeping very busy with music haha! I have some “no-audience” live performances and a music video in the works! I still have so much more to share with the ‘Loverboy’ era! I’m also already working on new music. It’s still going to be a ways away until that comes out but I’ve been working on it for a little while already! Thank you guys so much for having me! This was so fun.