Daniele Alan Carter is an Italian singer and actor. The love for acting and music was born when Daniele was still very young and since then he has understood in which direction to go. His inspirations come both from the theatre world, but also from artists such as Lady Gaga, Elton John and Whitney Houston, and from the pop/soul and EDM music scene. Because of the pandemic, his last musical production gave him the opportunity to dive into his personal world and life experiences to write to them and bring them back to music. His career as an independent musician has now started; in his lyrics Daniele tries to have a deep and creative approach, touching both personal issues, but also carefree and light topics. His last single, “THE MIRROR“, deals with personal battles against eating disorders, when the mirror becomes an obstacle to achieving peace and happiness. So he decided to dedicate and dedicate this song to our “worst enemy” because we all have to face the fear and start to love each other a little more!

YMX: Hey DANIELE ALAN CARTER, thanks for sitting down with us. What would you say to all our readers new to your project?

DANIELE ALAN CARTER: Ciao! I’m an Italian-born singer-songwriter and actor. I started to work as an actor and musical theatre performers at the age of 14. I had an incredible journey so far; I worked in some prominent international theatre and musical theatre productions, such as “Le Bal Des Vampires” by Roman Polanski in Paris, “For Reasons That Remain Unclear” by Mart Crowley in London and touring with “The 12 Tenors” in South Korea and Europe. More recently, as the pandemic halted live entertainment, the creative flow pushed me to finally dive into my personal world and life experiences and I took the courage to start writing about my own stories. Until that moment I always thought of being unable to write my own music, and I found that it’s not as scary as it looked like, it’s actually fun and therapeutic. I take inspiration from both the theatrical world, which is undeniably a big part of me and the Pop/Soul and EDM music scene. I’m constantly inspired by artists such as Lady Gaga, Elton John and Whitney Houston, for their diversity and the universe of theatricality and transformism they bring to their iconic live performances. I have an eclectic taste that I try to reflect with a soulful and contemporary approach to both singing and songwriting. My approach to music has always been rooted in openness, togetherness and connecting over our shared human experiences. I try to touch upon both intimate subjects and light-hearted topics that are intended to get listeners grooving into the night. My guilty pleasures: Geek about Harry Potter and cook oversized Italian meals for my friends that together with my family are the most precious thing I have.

YMX: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue at an artistic level?

DANIELE ALAN CARTER: I remember being fascinated by music since I have memory. But it’s only when I went to the theatre with my grandparents to watch “Madame Butterfly” (an Italian opera written by Giacomo Puccini) that I knew I wanted to become a performer. I must have been 7 or 8 years old. By the end of it, I remember being speechless. I felt emotions I never experienced before and that ignited a flame in me that it’s still burning. I then found my dimension in Soul/Pop music and theatre.

YMX: You recently released THE MIRROR. Can you tell us how that project came about?

DANIELE ALAN CARTER: My latest single, THE MIRROR, roots in personal battles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. The inspiration came whilst showering; I saw my reflection in the mirror and for the first time I actually realised how the relationship with my image made me unhappy. The mirror has always been the point of obsessions, the trigger of feelings so powerful I found myself shutting them all down; it became an obstacle to find peace and happiness, a constant presence in my mind. I decided to dedicate and title this song to my “worst enemy”, in order to face it, forgive it and start to love myself a bit more. It was my therapy, give a name and images to those feelings and thoughts. But the song it’s not about me. I wanted to sing about a theme that we don’t often talk about, hoping to connect with others currently enduring a similar situation of feeling trapped and undervalued.

YMX: What is the one thing you would like people to feel while listening to the single?

DANIELE ALAN CARTER: I wanted this song to be a cathartic experience both for me and the listeners. Music empowered me to change, to love and live fully, to respect others, to dream big; my biggest accomplishment would be to know that after listening to this song people will feel relieved and empowered, realising they’re not alone in this fight and that they’ll understand they are strong and that they deserve to love themselves. I hope this song will lead people to eventually unearth the courage to face their demons, their addictions, and finally live without those clouds above their heads.

YMX: How did the recent pandemic influence your creative process? is remote collaboration easy for you? 

DANIELE ALAN CARTER: The pandemic stopped me from being able to perform live, but channelled my energies and creative flow to write my own music for the first time. If on one side this cut us out from human contact and experiences of communion, I found that sparked a lot of creatives to come together with remote collaboration, which I did find challenging for sure, but after the first period of adjustment, it became second nature.

YMX: Do you feel more confident writing music alone, or within a team?

DANIELE ALAN CARTER: I actually love both. My first single “Saving Grace” was composed and sung with a friend of mine, British singer-songwriter Lucy Warr and with our producer and friend Tokøta. We met for lunch at my place and then followed a really spontaneous writing session. But I wrote “The Mirror” on my own. I think it depends on the situation and theme of the song. For example, I think “The Mirror” needed to happen alone as I had to find my own words to express what I had inside. But I do love to ask for opinions, feedback or help. I think cooperation is one of the main elements that make music so special.

YMX: Can you name the last gig you played? Would you consider doing a livestream concert?

DANIELE ALAN CARTER: The last time I sang for an actual audience was in October 2019 on a cruise ship in Japan. The last time I sang live with musicians was through October 2020, with other 3 old members of “The 12 Tenors”, a cross-over singing group I was part of in 2018. But the concert was streamed for an online audience, so it felt quite strange. I hosted some online concerts, cause I still think people get some value out of it, and it’s still a good way to perform and cut distances, but I do hope it’s temporary. I love watching people in the eyes when I perform. For me, it’s a moment of togetherness and real connection that sadly the online concert can’t really bring you, so I hope to go back soon to live performances.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future?

DANIELE ALAN CARTER: Well the first appointment down the line is a live stream followed by the video clip première of “The Mirror”; it’s going to be this Sunday, 28th of March at 6 pm CET on my YouTube channel I also recently set up a Patreon account ( to connect better with the people that want to support me and to create exclusive content and involve them in the creative process of my music. Last but not least, I’m working on another song that is planned to be released this summer when I hope we’ll be able to go out and about. I’m a really thoughtful person and I love to delve into intimate topics, but sometimes I just want to dance and feel young, wild and free and this is the goal of this upcoming single.