CALM is an English punk rock band composed by Ashley Merritt – Guitar and vocals, Fred Jones – Guitar, Jamie Lyons – Drums and Raphael Amancio – Bass. They have been playing together for 10 years and call themselves rock’n’roll and punk rock! The band has already played live, earning a good number of fans who are looking forward to furthering satisfaction once they return to live concerts. The single that we present today is “Eat Shit Everyone“, through which CALM have staged all their punk energy. The song was inspired by the vicissitudes of people in relation to the epidemic we are living in… Enjoy listening and enjoy reading!

YMX: Hey CALM., thanks for sitting down with us. What would you say to all our readers new to your project?

CALM.: Calm. are a band of great creativity and conviction. I solemnly promise to our newly building fan base to never do a Green Day and start writing music for car adverts after we’re done with punk.

YMX: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue at an artistic level?

CALM.: My first major obsession was aeroplanes (cool guy huh?) and music killed that dead pretty damn quickly! I saw some guy from school playing Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the guitar and decided that doing that looked way cooler than being a pilot. From that point on music became a huge part of my life! I began playing in metal and hardcore bands as a teenager all the while expanding my musicality and writing songs. That process continued throughout my twenties until today. I have officially progressed from nasty metalhead who writes acceptable songs to nasty punk who writes acceptable songs!

YMX: You recently released Eat Shit Everyone. Can you tell us how that project came about?

CALM.: Eat Shit came about from an onslaught of music that got written around the time of lockdown number one… I work as a music teacher and still had taught to do but other than that I couldn’t go out and eventually I got bored of The Walking Dead and Red Dead Redemption 2 so I wrote a bunch of material just to pass the time really!

YMX: What is the one thing you would like people to feel while listening to the single?

CALM.: Quite honestly I hope they feel that it’s hideously out of date because the lockdown is over and we’re all dancing through the fields just like before.

YMX: How did the recent pandemic influence your creative process? is remote collaboration easy for you?

CALM.: The pandemic did very little to the actual creative process. Just slowed everything down somewhat since I couldn’t get in a room with the band and hash ideas out! If anything I think I became way more productive out of pure boredom!

YMX: Do you feel more confident writing music alone, or within a team?

CALM.: I’m a massive control freak at heart so I find writing alone to be the easiest process for me. That being said, I absolutely love that feeling of taking a tune to the rest of the band and watching them putting their considerable talents and stamp to it, making it better than I could ever imagine it to be!

YMX: Can you name the last gig you played? Would you consider doing a livestream concert?

CALM.:Last gig we played was before covid in Leeds at The Library.. Feels like an eternity ago! We’d totally play a livestream show, make an event out of it, have an intermission with fake adverts.. the whole hog.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future?

CALM.: We wanna gig our arses off and keep releasing bangers… Rinse and repeat! We’re itching to get out there to play.