DÆFLØW – Hurts To Love You Interview

DÆFLØW is the stage name of Hadi Albouni! a singer-songwriter and producer that brings stories of love, dealing with relationships and heartbreak. A sentiment a lot of people could relate to! DÆFLØW produces all his thought provoking music from his bedroom and now he released his latest song ‘Hurts to Love You’. But lets hear from the man himself!

YMX: Hey DÆFLØW, thanks for sitting down with us. What would you say to all our readers that are new to you and your music?

DÆFLØW: Hello! I’m Hadi Albouni, also known as DÆFLØW. I’m a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer and I like to make music relating to love, hurt and relationships. In a way it’s truly the emotional output for me that keeps me going as far as I have.

YMX: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

DÆFLØW: I’m a third gen musician. Now growing up I don’t remember wanting to be anywhere near music. However I remember starting a band (Zanjebar) that scored a tour with MWR US Army Entertainment and that’s when I knew all I wanted to do with my life was to dedicate it to music.

YMX: You recently released ‘Hurts to Love You’. Can you tell us how that song came about?

DÆFLØW: Absolutely! I recently went through a break up and that kind of threw my spirit off. In a way it felt like I’ve gone through withdrawals of a drug that left me shaken up. As true as this is, when we go through a break up we wonder whether we were the culprit that caused the end to come, however I wanted to stay true to the situation. So instead of being insecure I decided to self reflect. Thankfully, I wrote this song that was therapeutic to my output… both artistically and spiritually.

YMX: What is the one thing you would like people to feel while listening to the song?

DÆFLØW: I want them to feel what they want to feel. If you’re sad, I won’t distract you, but I also hope you could relate to my music/lyrics as much as I do. It’s like finding the common denominator, and in this case it’s truth and emotions whether it be through pain, love, happiness or bliss.

YMX: How did the recent pandemic influence your creative process? is remote collaboration easy for you?

DÆFLØW: I’m usually isolating myself in my room for days writing and feeling what I have to feel in order to transcribe what I have in my heart to the tip of my pen. Although I’ve never released a song I’ve written with a team, however I do have some that should be coming out within the next couple of months and I’m super excited to share these with the world. As for your question, I’m comfortable with both as long as I’m working with someone I feel comfortable with! And luckily, I tend to feel comfortable with everyone so!

YMX: Can you name the last gig you played? Would you consider doing a livestream concert?

DÆFLØW: The last gig I’ve played was with Francesca and the Royalty. Pre-pandemic times were definitely fun. As for livestream concerts, yes! I’m releasing a single on the 30th of this month and following that an EP within the next couple of months. I’m going to promote my discography through Instagram live concerts and YouTube livestream.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future? (releases, gigs etc.) 

DÆFLØW: Since all I’ve been doing is write, record, sing and produce, I have a ton of material lined up for everyone to hear. I’m looking forward to release more music to suffice every mood!

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