Hello there!

Despite the lockdown number 34356 in London, we are aiming to live music more and more! We would like to remind you about our one-of-a-kind “silent concert London”.

Imagine the scene with us: you enter in a beautiful location, where the lights warm up your skin and the drinks are waiting for you. Comfy seats and personal (disinfected!) wireless headphones to set you free for movement.

The artist is here! You have the opportunity to finally experience live music like never before!

The clear sound, the breathing and talking, like they are whispering in your ear. Completely immersed in music in your own way.

Have you ever been to our events?

Would you like to try them for the first time? Don’t miss the next ones and leave us comments about your experiences pre-lockdown with us if you like!

We are getting ready, a few seats available, safe places, amazing music and sick artists are waiting for you.