#YMXINTERVIEW | ‘#tellyourheart’, an impressive collection of songs – In conversation with STEMIN

After a successful series of single releases (including ‘Closer’, which we had the pleasure of reviewing in the past), Netherlands-based artist Stemin shared with the world his latest musical effort: a fresh and dramatically contemporary collection of songs called ‘#tellyourheart’. Bringing with him Swiss and Italian roots, Stemin’s eclecticism can be found in his music, showcasing an infectious blend of R&B and Neo-Soul, through the eyes of an extremely up-to-date production. Intrigued by his obvious songwriting talent, we tried to find out more about the dutch artist’s creative processes and future plans. Here’s what he told us:

#YMXINTERVIEW | Raw Songwriting Talent – In conversation with Paola Levitch

Originally from Madrid, Paola Levitch is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter active in the London music scene. Her recent single ‘D.’, and latest effort ‘New Addition’ – honest and genuine love songs that sound as fresh as much as familiar – caught the attention of BBC Introducing, that made her a ‘featured artist’ on their show. Intrigued by Levitch’s raw talent, we tried to find out more about her creative process and upbringing, confident that this is only the starting point of a successful career!

#YMXINTERVIEW | In conversation with PULSE PARK and their majestic sound.

Born at the start of 2020 as a collaboration between four men who previously met during an arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk, Nunavut/Canada, who later started learning their instruments during the long polar nights, PULSE PARK is one of those bands born to make great rock music.
With influences coming from the indie-rock genre twisted with the dark postpunk vibes and the energy of the Alternative rock,
“THE EQUIDISTANCE” is the perfect blend of Radiohead, Placebo and Joy Division.
The love for these guys has been immediate and we wanted to discover more about Marc (g, voc), Frank (g), Volker (b) and Oliver (d).

#YMXINTERVIEW | Freedom of expression – In conversation with Maddisun

Maddisun caused a stir in the contemporary music scene recently, thanks to the release of the refreshing album ‘Self Reflections’. Born out of a 25 days seclusion on a remote Canadian rural area, it features a wide range of styles and references, thanks to organic arrangements and a high charge of acoustic instruments. Curious as we always are, we contacted the Canadian talent to find out more about her and ‘Self Reflections’.

#YMXINTERVIEW | Spiritual themes and indie sounds – In conversation with THERE ARE STORMS

There Are Storms is the moniker of Kevin Wilkins, a songwriter and producer from Wilmington, US. His press pitch was pretty interesting and curious, affirming how we should work with him out of sheer pity, him being 40 years-old and having 8 children. We can safely say it’s not pity that drives us to him, but rather a profound sense of curiosity, and the willingness to remind ourselves how music can exist in every situation, at the highest quality. After the release of Kevin’s last single, ‘Where Can You Be?’, we sat down with the American singer to find out more about his artistic universe:

#YMXINTERVIEW | Debuting with a bang – In conversation with Aimée

Belfast-based young talent aimée recently released a powerful neo-soul\pop track, ‘The Grey’. Like many, she was able to proficiently focus on kickstarting her career during the recent pandemic lockdown, a move that set her up with the current release and effectively opened up a future artistic career. Curious to find out more about aimée’s artistic whereabouts, we asked her a few questions. here’s what she told us:

#YMXINTERVIEW | Finding our home – In conversation with modern folk-pop artist MICHAEL LANE

We’ve had the pleasure to discover Michael Lane, his music and his story. A US soldier in his twenties, sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, forced to live at cruelty. A noble soul that seems to has born to spread a message of hope and positivity with his musical talent. The indie-folk single “COMING HOME” will be available on all major platforms from September 11th.
So let’s sit down and learn more about the man behind the music.