When music is more than a message: NASHBI newest EP “GOD GIVEN”

Recently we’ve had the pleasure to discover more about one of the most committed and hard worker rapper we’ve ever met at YMX: His name in NASHBI and is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists you can find around. Born and raised in Clayton County, South Atlanta, he never gave up on his music carrier even tho his day job at the Governor’s Office and never missed a chance to put down in music all the thoughts that were floating around his head. The new EP “GOD GIVEN” is the clear statement that Nashbi’s will to do music serves a much bigger purpose than just being something he is passionate about. Almost like God himself commissioned him to create a powerful kind of music that could inspire others to live a better life.

Five tracks that will hook you from start to end thanks to the variety of genres twisted together. From Eminem to Post Malone passing from Kanye West to Bruno Mars, the influences might be very different but Nashbi’s signature is well recognisable and his vocals and bars elevate every single song impeccably. The main single “AFTER ALL” will capture your attention with a groovy beat and modern production that will give you this Will Smith’s funky kinda vibe that will instantly make you wanna dance. The contrast, created by the lighthearted instrumental and the message of hope to all men and women who are suffering from broken homes mentioned in the lyrics, emphasised the sensibility of the artist and the fact that he knows how to connect with people.

His music is modern, catchy and most important, it’s honest. With a long list of huge plans for the rest of 2021 and many more aces up on his sleeves, He’s, Hands down, the hip-hop artist we should all listen to.