#ARTISTPROMOTION | The visionary world of THERE ARE STORMS. When the fantasy is part of your truth.

There are artists who’re trying to please everyone and others who prefer to focus on their creations, enjoying every single part of it for creating a music that can speak their truth and their beliefs.
The US-based artist Kevin Wilkins aka THERE ARE STORMS is one of those who’d rather have fewer fans but more devoted to his creative vision. And we couldn’t agree more.

In his new song “LANDMINES“, THERE ARE STORMS put together different elements that perfectly collide between each other. The luscious sound of the synths and the mid-tempo electronic beat mixed with Wilkins’ theatrical and unique way of singing creates this cinematic and addictive alt-pop/synth-wave track.
A song that seems to be written by M83 with the exuberant touch of David Bowie twisted with dark post-punk vibes.

Creating a cyberpunk imaginary seems to be the perfect formula for Kevin to inspires himself to write these electronic songs about beauty, ugliness, right, wrong, and objective truth. A 360 artist who claims to be ‘Dangerous’ in his lyrics but I’d rather say ‘Dangerously addictive’. Once you’ll start listening to LANDMINES, it’s gonna be impossible not to press the REPEAT button over and over again!

The perfect soundtrack for people like me who’d rather live in another world. Who wouldn’t?