If you’re a British person or you live here in the Uk, you know that you’ll have to deal with the not so friendly weather, especially during the summer. It can be annoying for someone but definitely inspiring for someone else. And I think there’s nothing better than discovering the beauty of one thing through the eyes of an artist. Everything is just so poetic.

And this is exactly what happened when I closed my eyes and listened to the new track of the Buckinghamshire, UK based singer Nick Byrne. The mix of indie-folk nostalgia blended with the reassuring voice of the artist creates the perfect soundtrack for a day spent walking outside under the rain with your thoughts or maybe sitting behind a window staring outside.

The track reminds me of the vibes of Brian Eno’s “By The River”, with many atmospheric elements, such as samples of tape-recorded speech and the sound of rain itself – which all contribute to creating a transcendental and immersive experience.
Summer Rain is the second of Nick’s tracks produced by Jake Robbins and we hope that the talented singer will keep creating this beautiful kind of music pieces in the near future. We’ll be here listening. With or without the rain.