The sad-Pop Vibes of INDIRA & GUPPY JO and their newest single “LITTLE SITUATION”

Those who are gonna succeed are the ones who can always see a new opportunity once a door has been closed. The hardest part of ending is starting again, but if you have the right focus and the right motivation, nothing is gonna stop you. This is pretty much what the hypnotic duo INDIRA & GUPPY JO wanted to communicate in their latest incredibly catchy new single “LITTLE SITUATION”.

Inspired by a friend’s divorce, the song wants to create this contrast of Happy-sad vibes to emphasise the fact that even tho a break up can be really hard to handle and usually leads you to a sad situation, it can also become a chance to begin again and turn yourself into a better and more mature version of you. A great songwriting technique that some of my favourite artists including THE CURE used to do in their songs.

“LITTLE SITUATION” will conquer the listeners with its pop sonorities and upbeat tempo. A perfect production that adds more value to INDIRA‘s magnetic vocals that will cheer you up in your saddest moments like only an old friend can do.

In these weird times, we definitely need some positive messages and this is probably the main reason why you don’t wanna miss the chance to discover today this talented duo.