The pursuit of the truth: VASSILIS’ newest melodic single “EVERYTHING IS NOT YET LOST”

Seeing that many talented artists didn’t give up on their dreams even with a global pandemic in place really gives me hope on many different levels. A perfect example in terms of being a hard worker and creative is undoubtedly VASSILIS. The Greek singer and producer based in Manchester, once all the gigs with his function band were on hold, decided to find a way to keep expressing himself and started to release songs inspired by old demos and ideas.

After two successful release, with his 3rd lockdown single ‘EVERYTHING IS NOT YET LOST’, Vassilis wanted to explore new sounds and a different approach at the production. The result is a driven Indie-pop single twisted with Altrock-pop sonorities that will capture the hearts of new and old fans thanks to the hypnotic guitar’s riff, ethereal synths and groovy beats.
The sensual vocals are a rollercoaster of emotions that wisely narrate betrayal and resistance. A message of hope that I’m sure many of us can relate to.

This is the kind of artists that made me passionate about music and someone who I’d love to see live, hopefully, thanks to this single, at the Made in Manchester Festival in September!