We’re finally living in a world where female artists are starting to get the right space and responses they deserved and this is probably why, now more than ever, we need singers who are able to spread a message out there to educate the younger generations about the importance of equality and the fact that women are free to do what they want. They are the only ones who have control over their lives and none else.

The Croatian singer-songwriter DINA started to craft her sound and her skills since she moved to Brighton and thanks to her music inspired by previous relationships and various situations that happened in her life, she creates a distinctive sound characterized by strong and important messages. A modern pop artist who majestically mixes different styles and genres together. Nothing is predictable when you’re listening to DINA and this is probably the reason why her debut single “COFFEE CLOUDS” and her second release “NIGHT BOYS” had so much success and received great feedbacks from radios, blogs and across her audience.

Dina’s newest single ‘PRETTY HELL’ is an additional example of her capability at creating outstanding music. An addictive single which blends 90s RnB vibes with Hip-Hop elements and modern pop ingredients for an impressive result that will immediately stick in your head after the first listening. A sensual track about love, jealousy and all those feelings burning inside your chest while in a relationship. The extra that undoubtedly makes the track stand out is the impressive featuring of Croatian rapper RENS. Thanks to his driven bars and male vocals the contrast is accentuated and creates this sense of discussion between the two for a much more immersive experience inside the story. Recorded and produced in SlavSoundStudios in Croatia by producer Slavko Vincek, “Pretty Hell” is the hymn to all the people looking for that unique and passionate love and one step closer for DINA to reach a bigger success.