The luscious synthy sound of BASEBALL HAT’s latest single “LMK”

You might get attracted by an artist because of its music but it’s because of the personality if you’re gonna fall in love with ’em. This is why being unique in your own way it’s fundamental. Today’s band certainly have nothing to be worried about!

BASEBALL HAT is the luscious result of the mix between Harrison Smith and John Sygar, two talented friends from Washington DC born to become artists. The two Musicians, producers, actors and even podcasters decided to join their forces during the pandemic and never stopped since.
After a long time spent streaming their own shows on Twitch with their collective Mindsugar666 ( ), BH released a captivating first track that will definitely hypnotise you after the first listen.

“LMK” is a fantastic chill track that draws influences from the indie-rock to R&B, passing from the pop genre to psychedelic sonorities. The song is catchy, it’s cheesy, it’s sexy, it’s undoubtedly something I would LOVE to hear on the radio while I’m driving back home after a long day at work.
To give you an even more personal idea: This song tastes like a Sunday’ sunset at the beach. If it makes any sense.

If you haven’t heard of Baseball Hat yet, then what are you waiting for?