There are people who approach the world of music as a hobby, others simply because they wanna have fun with some friends and others, like LUAN MEI, who use their music as a form to completely express themselves and send a message that can resonate with other similar persons creating a sense of community for those who might feel lonely.

The singer-songwriter born in Madrid crafted her unique style made of intriguing metaphors, indie-pop riffs and simple yet captivating melodies since she was 15. Moving to Brighton at the young age of 18 helped her find an even more personal and characteristic style. As a result, she found herself performing at some of the best festivals and venues and let her gained a loyal fanbase that’s constantly growing.

Her debut single “ELEMENTS” is the clear sign of how talented and capable of creating global hits LUNA MEI is. Pop and catchy vocals twisted with rhythmic guitars riffs and an upbeat production that turns this song into a radio hit that not only will instantly make you wanna dance but it’ll also change your mood with vibrant and colourful vibes. Listening to this track is like being kissed by the warm sun of Spain, you can’t remain indifferent.

After great responses from BBC Radio, Radio Reverb, Platform B Radio and another outstanding single released called “YELLOW”, a song about Queer Love, the young artist started to work on her debut EP and decided to focus on rehearsing with her band in preparation for upcoming gigs where I’m definitely hoping to go and where you should go too. It’s gonna be insanely fun and good for our souls.