The intimate EP “RULE OF THREE” by folk artist ROB QUO

I love when a song or an album has a story to tell, not only in the actual lyrics but also when it has an interesting ‘behind the scene’ to share with fans and new listeners.

The London based folk-pop artist ROB QUO has undoubtedly got my attention when I heard how he decided to create his brand new EP “RULE OF THREE”. With the majestic help of his music collaborators Sam Crooks & Gus White, ROB sets a specific rule to start this brand new chapter: three musicians, three days and no over-dubs in order to show the pure, raw passion and talent that runs in his veins.
The result is nothing but impressive.

The intimate atmosphere builts around a Guitar/Vocals, Drums & Double-Bass will capture your heart and like a gentle lullaby, it’ll accompany you during your late-night walks or your lonely moments. ROB is the perfect balance between Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice thanks to his soft and yet moving sonorities.

This experiment is proof that if you know how to write a good song, you don’t need any extra fancy addictions or overproductions, your music will reach the core of the listener anyway. Five songs that I’m sure will open many doors to ROB and his trio project.

I can’t get “KEEP YOUR DISTANCE” out of my head, what’s your favourite one?