The inspiring vibes of SAVING ARTHUR and their new single “INNOCENT”

Today’s band brings to the table a definitely needed positive breath of fresh air. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, SAVING ARTHUR is one of those groups that keep working on their own music endlessly and with tons of determination and dedication. Their sound is genuine and you can tell by the number of great singles they released for the past two years that creating music is simply who they were born for.

Their brand new single “INNOCENT” is the perfect example of what the quartet can do: A beautiful soft indie-rock track twisted with psychedelic influences and pop sonorities. A bittersweet journey made of synthy layers, chill-out guitar’s riff, groovy beats and catchy hooks. The song’ structure itself seems to be made to slowly grow and finally let you fall in love with it. Tame Impala, Harry Styles and the one and only Beatles are all blended together in this hypnotic song entirely recorded at the ABBEY ROAD INSTITUTE in Johannesburg.

By every release, SAVING ARTHUR are getting more and more mature and discover new sides of themselves that are later applied to their sonorities.
An inspirational journey that I’m sure will soon inspire and have a positive influence on other artists.