This year many artists had to deal with their biggest enemies: their self-thoughts and while some of ’em ended up in a vortex of doubts and suddenly decided to quit, others, like today’s band, have found the strength to completely embrace themselves and take it as an opportunity to write beautiful and engaging songs.

SUNKIN is an indie three-piece band that majestically mix the anthemic alternative rock vibes with introspective folk-rock elements and poetry ingredients. Three friends from different places with the innate capacity at creating the perfect music for every situation. If you’re sad, if you’re in love, if you’re happy or if you feel lost, Sunkin’ soundtrack will perfectly fit your mood.

Their latest song “SHORT AND SWEET” is a love letter turned into music. An evidence of a past relationship with all its ups and downs. So intimate and yet so powerful that can resonates with many of us and especially for this reason, you’ll suddenly find yourself falling in love with this heartwarming ballad who seems the perfect mix between Kings Of Leon and Jeff Buckley. A hymn for all the lonely hearts and those who feel trapped in a moment of misery, but also a testimony that you’re not the only one who’ve been through this and that, sooner or later, the light will finally start to shine again.

Championed by Libertine Gary Powell and RadioX and with over 6 years of experiences shared together gigging, touring, busking and travelling across Europe, SUNKIN is a must discovery if you’re on the hunt for GOOD music made by TRUE musicians.