The “GLORY DAYS” of anthemic rock-band THE DARK LIGHT

The first thing that really touched me when I approached music in the first place has been its power to connect people from different backgrounds, different languages and different cultures. I’ve travelled a lot in my life and most of my actual friendships with people that I couldn’t speak a word with initially started thanks to the common passion for a specific band or genre.

I think this is probably what makes THE DARK LIGHT such a unique band. A European-wide mix of members who shared such strong alchemy between each other. Four friends who can create powerful driven music with elements from classic to modern rock. The perfect example of their potential is clearly tangible in their latest release “GLORY DAYS”, a passionate ballad that’ll reach the core of every listener and immediately stick into their heads. The track seems like a collaboration between Brian Adams and Guns&Roses, two sacred acts in the history of music.

‘GLORY DAYS’ is one of the many tracks these guys have written which has been produced by the Mercury Award Prize winner SHUTA SHINODA.
With several radios plays across Uk and Italy and featured on Vintage TV, THE DARK LIGHT have a clear idea of where they wanna go and how to reach their goals. A MUST DISCOVER!