The enchanting PALMTREEPRINCE’s latest pop single ” ‘BOUT US “

If there’s an incredibly important lesson we’ve all learned from this crazy situation is the importance we should give to the ones we loved the most. We can all agree that if you have that special person by your side, it’s like having a lifeline ready to save us during our darkest moments. The London-based Pop artist PALMTREEPRINCE already shown us his innate capacity at creating outstanding music made of luscious synths and captivating beats and once again he created the perfect bop to go crazy on the dancefloor and yet spreading an important message to all his fans and new listeners.

The new song “‘BOUT US” is the perfect example of PALMTREEPRINCE’s talented songwriting skills and how a well-produced electro-pop song should sound. An honest and pure love song that documents the moment in a relationship when you contemplate what you have with the person you love. The reminder to always appreciate who’s next to us and the will to create a future together. A heartwarming declaration of love told in musical form. Who wouldn’t fell for it?

With a production excellently made as always by his producer LVAE, the duo is getting better and better release after release and with this work ethic and endless talent, there’s no doubt that this magic formula will soon bring PALMTREEPRINCE to the next level and to a wider and bigger worldwide audience will see themselves reflected in the positive messages of this eclectic singer.