The cinematic debut single “INTO THE NIGHTMARE” by rising talent KAYBLE

Music is about connection. It’s not just a form of art, it’s a lifeline for many people and a shoulder to cry on when none else is around. Today’s artist shares the same idea and his debuting single is the perfect example of this concept. Born from the depths of lockdown and with many years of experience as frontman for the band Kaleido Bay, Ben Kay took the opportunity to¬†embark on a new adventure and started a solo carrier to explore and evolve himself and his brilliant songwriting skills:
This is how the project KAYBLE started.

The debuting single “INTO THE NIGHTMARE” is a mystic and cinematic journey that draws inspiration from atmospheric vibes, prog-rock rhythms and alternative rock sonorities. Think of a mix between Muse and Goblin and you’ll have an idea of what this talented artist created and produced all by himself in the space of four walls. A pleasant nightmare experience that, thanks to the lyrical them, resonates perfectly with nowadays’ rising fear and global paranoia.

Studying at the largest set of music colleges in the world at BIMM Bristol, KAYBLE knows well his strong points and it’s definitely one of those artists that will find a way to make himself known in the music scene thanks to his unique and uncommon style.