The captivating alt-rock EP “THE FAIRYTALE STARLIGHT” by Chicago artist GEEKD.

There are no doubts that Chicago’s music scene has always something really good to offer! For my joy and for all the fans of powerful and introspective Alternative-rock music, today’s artist has definitely been a great discovery. GEEKD is a brand new neo-psychedelic rock project entirely created by Christian Moreno during the lockdown to find a way to release all his thoughts into music.

The result of GEEKD’s talent can be heard in his first EP: “THE FAIRYTALE STARLIGHT“. Four tracks that will accompany you into a journey made of Psychedelic vibes, grunge sonorities and powerful elements of garage rock. The contrast between poetic lyrics and raw arrangements creates this hypnotic sense of ups and downs that perfectly describes the
wayward and troubled human psyche that the artist wants to document in his creations.

From the opening track “Taylor-Taylor” which draws inspiration from The Smashing Pumpkins to the single “Hikikomori” which mixes punk-rock melodies with those classic Nirvana’s vibes, Geekd brought back to lights the main peculiarities of a genre that made most of us fall in love with music in the first place.

Already working on his second record ready to be released in May 2021, the young artist has a clear idea of where he wanna go and seeing the loyal fanbase he’s building thanks to his Alternative-rock timbre, I’m sure he’ll only get better and better.