The Anthemic Pop vibes of APOLLO MONROE and his hymn “SODA POP”

We probably all know how the music industry can be hard and frustrating and how difficult it is even for affirmed artists. How many great Pop acts suddenly disappear only because they were not considered money-making machine anymore?

The Irish Pop artist-songwriter and producer APOLLO MONROE wanted to narrate how the public and the industry consume pop artistry using sugary metaphors and suggestive narrative. A love-hate story that all those who aspire to be part of this massive industry can relate to.
The song “SODA POP” is a powerful hymn made of heavy bass lines, captivating 808 beats and anthemic hooks: a mix between Imagine Dragons and Charli XCX that will undoubtedly capture the listeners’ attention and turn ’em into loyal fans. Un uncommon type of music for the Irish’ music scene that wants to push the boundaries and perception of what pop music can be.

Monroe wrote the song and co-produced it with artist/producer Viscose and during the first lockdown, he built a proper home-studio in his bedroom so that the collaboration could continue long-distance. A hard worker and innovative artist that I really admire and that I’m sure, with the right exposure, will reach astonishing goals and, probably, a one-way ticket to the global Pop industry.