The anthemic “FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN” by Scottish band SILVER HAAR

One of the most terrible feelings we’ve probably had to deal with this year it’s probably the sense of anxiety that became part of our daily lives. It’s not easy to speak up about for most of us but we know it’s something we all have seen growing exponentially when we couldn’t sleep at night or when we didn’t wanna go out to the local store.

Luckily for us and all the music lovers out there, the Scottish band SILVER HAAR, born in Spring 2020 as a distraction from the lockdown, took the chance to let this feeling inspiring their creative minds instead of giving up on music as it happened for several bands and released a fantastic catchy song called “FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN”.

The song, which seems the perfect result of a collaboration between Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro, is a driven hymn penned down by Tom Brogan
and Duncan McCormick, two of Glasgow’s excellence.
Thanks to their years of experience in the local music scene as musicians, songwriters and producers, “FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN” is one of those tracks that definitely doesn’t sound like it was made by an unsigned emerging band.

The infectious guitar’s riffs will grow on you and with the addition of the energetic drumbeats, you’ll suddenly see yourself jumping around your room dreaming of the day you’ll finally be able to see these guys smashing it at one of their live gigs.
Anthemic, powerful and with a strong message behind the lyrics. What else you want? DISCOVER NOW YOUR NEXT FAVOURITE ALT ROCK BAND!