The Anthemic Electronic Pop of JAMES GARY through the beats of his new Ep “THE EMANCIPATION of TOAST”

After one year of clubs and venues closed the need and urge to release our stress has grown bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific date for when we’re gonna be able to go see a live band or go crazy on the dancefloor again yet and this is why we can only keep dreaming about it.
And what’s a better way to remember the times we felt free than a banging Electronic hit?

Luckily for us, JAMES GARY, formerly known as Toast, started off the new year with a fresh & banging 3 track EP on Lauterhaus called “THE EMANCIPATION OF TOAST”.

The Ep is a vibe unlike any other—a moody fusion of deep house, Pop electronica and nostalgic yet heavy melodic driven progressive anthemic vibes. The hypnotic qualities of Houston’s DJ will lift your spirit up in a vortex of spacey and ethereal elements, a mood that seems coming out of the space only to reach your core.

Like a phoenix coming out of its ashes, JAMES GARY has reborn from the past and has brought with him the signature that will shape the modern 2021 electronic dance music soundscape.

Warm-up your feet and get ready to dance, “The Emancipation Of Toast” is the soundtrack of the future.