The anthemic debut of DEMELZA and their single “LITTLE ME”

Today’s new discovery is probably one of the reasons why I love my job. As a music lover, I’m constantly looking for new bands and artists that I’m hoping one day to see hitting big stages and being able to say “I was there from the very beginning”. All the way from Birmingham, DEMELZA announced their arrival on the music scene with a bang, releasing a song that will undoubtedly conquer your heart after the first listen.

“LITTLE ME” is an incredibly catchy and moving song that I’m sure one day people will sing their hearts out at Festivals. The introspective and honest lyrics become a mirror where everyone can reflect into and the instrumentals made of indie-pop driven guitar’s riffs and atmospheric vibes create the perfect balance to make the listeners remember about their past with a hopeful look a the future.

The talent flows in the veins of these guys earning them multiple sold-out shows, including an epic debuting set at The Sunflower Lounge where they brought more than 100 people. I’ve been to gigs of bands who performed for years and they barely have half of the crowd, so this must mean something.

“An ode to the things we have to leave behind in order to become who we are supposed to be” said the singer Cherry and I couldn’t agree more. The journey might have just started but as soon as live gigs will go back to normal, Demelza will blow up. Be ready.