The anthemic come back of Rock ‘N Roll with DEVIL LOVE’s new hit GOLD CURRENCY

All the way from Boston and with an unstoppable charism like the true rockstars from the golden era of Alternative Rock, DEVIL LOVE is the band you were looking for to lift up your spirit.

Lead by the singer-songwriter Peter Buzzelle and supported by the endless talent of his bandmates Chuck, Ken, Jason and Josh, DEVIL LOVE are making themselves known thanks to their anthemic sound. The raw passion of the grunge and alternative clashes perfectly with the ’70s rhythmic crunch bringing to the table a solid wall of sound with influences between Foo Fighters, Stone Roses and the legendary Zeppelin.

“GOLD CURRENCY” is the perfect single from their upcoming album “BROKEN THINGS” ( Out on FEBRUARY the 12th), an ode to the past and an eye always pointed at the future. An album about chasing down a better existence, regardless of the rubble that stands in the way.
The soulful vocals and solid instrumental will grow on you and bring you in an immersive journey. Everything is where it needs to be and it’s done with extreme accuracy and professionalism.

Don’t let the name fools you, there’s only love in between notes and pauses.
A must discovery for all the rockers out there and a great chance for the youngest generation to discover a new genre with the bests around.