Musical theatre trained Tori Boltwood from America instantly captured us with her soulful and unique vocals on her recent single ‘Cry Baby’, so naturally we had to share her work.

Music has always been a huge part of the singer and songwriters life and especially Elvis and Adele has influenced her music. However it wasn’t until two years ago that the singer started exploring creating indie pop music, but we are happy she did. 

‘Cry Baby’ was co-written with Jameson Tabor and is inspired by Tori coming to terms with being an emotional person and using it as a strength rather than a weakness. It begins with a strong opening line, just Tori’s vocals and a simple piano arrangement before strings joins and adds to the sonic landscape. Although the track is relatively simple in terms of instrumentation, the dynamics are still executed perfectly creating a nice tension/release that lifts especially the chorus. With the choir in the end of the song this gem reaches new heights and really calls for being sung out loud.

We can’t wait to hear more from this heartfelt artist!