Sometimes goodbyes is all you’ve got. Discovering the new track LET ME GO NOW by singer-songwriter LUNA KELLER

I always considered myself as a sensible person and I agree with the idea that loving someone doesn’t always mean necessarily to be together with that person. Sometimes goodbyes are the only thing you’ve got left to prove your love.

When I’ve heard LET ME GO NOW, the third single by singer-songwriter LUNA KELLER, I closed my eyes and enjoyed from start ’till the end what It seems to be the perfect song to understand how painful and yet brave can be to let go your beloved one.

Mixing the classic acoustic vibes with more Indie-pop tones, the artist, originally from Tenerife, creates a catchy ballad that captures immediately the attention of the listener with its resemblances of a typical track by STING such as Fields Of Gold but twisted with Norah Jones’points of strength. ( Two of my all-time favourites! )

Considering she’s just 19, it’s even more stunning her capacity to write such a good and deep track. Maybe it’s because she travelled and toured a lot or maybe it’s because she’s started as a busker in her hometown in Spain gaining lots of experience, anyway, LUNA has definitely something really unique and way more mature for someone of her age and I’m sure she has many more songs up her sleeve that we’ll make us fall in love even more with her.

With a list of several original songs, two Ep’s and many highlights worthy of a Top class artist, LUNA KELLER is a MUST ARTIST TO FOLLOW if you’re looking for Top quality music.