Helping us making these gloomy times less dark, with a poignant and pure single! Pure Topic is an American vocalist who has always been interested and passionate about the world of music; in fact, he tells us that his source of inspiration is only love and passion for music. He calls himself “just another person whos going through life one day at a time” and this is what inspires his dance and electronic pop songs that make you want to move and dance!

The song that we present today is entitled “Tonight pretty baby“, released last February, which brings out all his love for the atmosphere and sounds typical of Funk that is the backdrop to a dance sound and electronic background. The song highlights the desire to be, live, breathe and love; simply live your own life, learning to love it, and love your own spirit and yourself for what you are! Pure Topic tries to always put himself in his songs, bringing the lyrics of the songs and the notes to what he hears and we are sure that many will find themselves in his words…

Check out “Tonight pretty baby” and follow below!