Today we bring to you something a little special: ABNORM is an independent alt-rock band with the all-female voice of Abbie Rose plus four other elements (Alex Mcarthur – drums, Jamie Budge – lead guitar, Matthew Middleton – rhythm guitar and Krzysztof Furgała – bass), based in Newcastle. The band formed shortly before the first lockdown in the UK, so they are very anxious and excited that all this ends up being able to play their live music and be known to the public! Their musical influences include artists such as The Cranberries, Hayley Williams, Billie Eilish, The Pretty Reckless, The Hunna, and Marmozets.

When they released their debut single titled “Citrus” last September, the song had quite a success and also received many positive reviews, so much so that it was awarded the Jame Whitworth Prize by the University of Surrey for best composition and excellent engineering! The single was written, recorded and produced in the bedrooms of Abbie and Alex. Today they make us listen to their last song titled “EVERYTHING TEMPORARY“, which deals with the “uncomfortable” and unwanted feeling we feel when we know that something will not last… A relationship or whatever! A mixture of anxiety and despair assails us, anger and frustration for our impotence before the fate of things: the ABNORM help us to manage these emotions with their last trace!

Check out “EVERYTHING TEMPORARY” and follow below!