Norrisette lures listeners to a second dimension in new EP ‘Paper’

Manchester native and artist Norrisette combines home-made experimental beats and piano led soundscapes with angelic, delicate vocal stylings and intimate storytelling on her new EP ‘Paper’.

Norrisette cites Kate Bush, TOKiMONSTA, James Blake, Billie Eilish, FKA Twigs, David Bowie and Bjork as influences. Still the artist certainly speaks her own musical language and it’s an eery, ethereal, hauntingly beautiful one.

Unread the EP’s opening track is my favourite of the bunch. The vocal feels nostalgic and tainted with longing, the sound design exciting and intriguing moving between choppy dance beats, samples and filtered vocals.

Sheets of Paper takes a more mournful tone, a poignant song imagining travelling to the second dimension to be with a loved one who now lives only on paper and Ink almost feels like a Pt2 to Sheets of Paper with an injection of quickened beats and soaring vocals making it feel more hopeful, like a tale of moving forward from grief.

Inside the Second Dimension the EP’s closing track immerses the listener in said Second Dimension, the imagined world of a book using ASMR and samples.

I love Norrisette’s artistic individuality and the fact she has completely defied convention to tell a personal heartfelt tale in this EP. It’s bold, evocative and brilliant!!

Listen to Paper by Norrisette here: