Helping us making these gloomy times less dark, with a poignant and pure single. Tennin is a French alternative pop artist who began her musical career in the international scene in 2015 and has not stopped since, so much so that she had the opportunity to perform live concerts in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Her previous tracks received the attention of some major music magazines and also opened concerts by several artists such as Dope Saint Jude and Muthoni Drummer Queen in Les Cuizines.

But today we want to talk about her latest release titled “TENNIZER“, coming out today. The song looks like a catchy alt-pop song, which also touches Rnb sounds and talks about the people who come into our lives bringing a little light, the people we love… The song is energetic, captivating and engaging, it makes you want to dance and move! Tennin also tells us that for all of 2021, but also for 2022, there are a series of singles that will then compose her debut EP. Each of them will tell a story made of feelings and emotions that the artist intends to communicate to her listeners.

Discover ‘’TENNIZER” on Spotify: