New Jersey based Artist Gina Royale releases latest Single ‘Low’

Newest Single ‘Low’ by Artist Gina Royale manages to be as soothing as a candlelit bubble bath and yet still as energising as the first glimpses of post winter sunshine has been over easter weekend!

Gentle, ethereal vocals paint vivid and relatable imagery of downer days ‘laying under you feel alone,when the lights get low?’. The New Jersey native and Alt-Pop artist’s latest track blends influence from the likes of ‘90s-era Sarah McLaughlan , The Cranberries and also more recent Echosmith’s 2014 hit, “Cool Kids.” 

The track ascends from a haunting Intro focusing on a minimal beat, lead vocal and atmospheric pad, into a quickened racing pre-chourus the vocals here and in the chorus reminded me slightly of Ellie Goulding albeit a bit more Indie and edgier; the track continues to build in energy effortlessly throughout keeping things interesting for us listeners. I could dance to this track or kick back and relax to it but most importantly I could and will definitely listen to it again and again!

Listen to ‘Low’ by Gina Royale on Spotify here: