Music goes green: The anthemic pop-rock ‘BREAK FREE’ by WHITE HORSES.

It’s definitely not a secret that the biggest problem we’re facing nowadays is global warming and even tho all the attentions are now focused on the pandemic, we must remember that we’re all in this together and we have to find a way to save our home. The band WHITE HORSES, born from the innate talent of Stuart Harris in collaboration with many different incredible artists, wanted to create a song that could represent perfectly the idea of a brighter future.

‘BREAK FREE’ is a pop-rock anthem infused with the passion of country harmonies and catchy guitar’s riffs. A view to a better future we could all live in especially now that, due to the Pandemic, we’ve been more focused on the things that really matter to us. A more ‘obscure’ concept is present in the second part of the track where the possibility of a really expensive future and the ‘lack of vision’ from our global leaders shows up but always maintaining a general aura of positive vibes that undoubtedly will bright up your day.

Featuring John James Newman (vocals) and James Deane (lead guitar) under the wise vision of Stuart Harris who has been writing and recording original material for many years and has worked with the likes of Trevor Horn, The Petshop Boys, Motorhead and Captain Sensible, “BREAK FREE” is the umpteenth release that shows where a great collaboration can lead you too.

CAPTIVATING and PERFECT to all generations out there.

Watch now the official video of ‘BREAK FREE’