Marie Mill share Dreamy Psychedelic new slice of ‘Sunshine’

The saying never judge a book by it’s cover rings true with Marie Mill as upon hearing the name my mind instantly conjured up an English Girl with a Piano, and I couldn’t have been more wrong! Marie Mill are in fact a Berlin-based folk duo of musicians and bakers named Iris Marie and Oskar Emil, they both hail from a fjord in the middle of Norway. For the past few years they’ve been playing in bars and gardens and finding their roots in Berlin’s folk scene. Their music carries influences from their roots by the sea up north, while spanning modern, traditional folk and indie music from all continents.

They released the hazy Jefferson Aeroplane-esque ‘Sunshine’ last summer post creative, mellow evening writing session in Berlin.
Sunshine’s dreamy and melancholic character has a dark and trippy edge, but still manages to remain warm and uplifting; imbued with sweet vocals, balmy guitars and horns tinkering and soaring overhead.

Listen to this on a Sunny day, laying in the park staring up at clouds and drift away into Marie Mills dreamworld.

Listen to Sunshine by Marie Mills now on Spotify: