Learning to love the small things with MASA’s neo-soul hit “KOMOREBI”

Living in a constantly changing world and surrounded by thousands of superficial things led us to the point where most of us forgot that being happy doesn’t necessarily mean owning expensive stuff, happiness is a state of mind, so everything depends on us.

The Japanese “Neo City Pop” artist Mamoru Satoh aka MASA, thanks to all the experiences he made travelling the world, understood and fully embraced this concept and create the perfect soundtrack to spread this simple and yet powerful message. “KOMOREBI” is a specific word that can’t be translated into other languages but perfectly explain what the artist wants to say: “The way you perceive the world is how the world exists to you”. And what’s a better way to say it than using a neo-soul composition twisted with jazz elements and blues ingredients? The track is smooth, hypnotic, relaxing and creates a whole aesthetic around itself that brings the listener into the calmness of the world MASA is describing.

Discovering new places became an essential part to develop new elements for his music and to give something back he decided to spread his virtuous and colourful heritage creating a Discord Group called “NEO TOKYO”, a Japanese cross-cultural community where everyone’s welcome if they wanna learn more about this beautiful culture.

A not so common artist with a captivating story and unique sound that I’m sure will conquer many new listeners thanks to his music and his positive approach to the surrounding world.