Today we bring to you something a little special: Kidavelly is a rapper from London, United Kingdom. The singer comes from a negative environment, a difficult life, where he has been surrounded by poverty and crime, but Kidavelly has used the strength of music and his talent to transform and twist his life and put all his energy into this musical project. His style and versatility have made him a new talent in the English rap scene. Kidavelly has just released his new single titled “Donald Trump Jr“.

The rapper has repeatedly demonstrated his musical viability, putting in his tracks his life experiences, that never distracted him from focusing on his musical talent and following his own path. Now, with this new track, Kidavelly tells us about the dark times that the world, but especially America, lived in while Donald Trump was in power. The singer tells us that we need to stand up and fight for change, a kind of message of hope and encouragement to continue to fight for equality!

Check out “Donald Trump Jr” and follow below!